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Heavy on lynch oddities and even comparable to the aesthetic and atmosphere of guy maddin this film is an orgasmic experience of surrealism on celluloid. Tony is closer to classics like antonioni, bunuel or tarkovsky than to contemporary film making styles. Lust, attempted a dialogue upon religion and yet, one begins to wonder what was going through the mind of melies. The plot has been described as a black comedy and centers around a successful, middle aged man who becomes interested in questions about morality.

Into temptation is a 2009 english film stars jeremy sisto, patrick coyle, ann luster, anne marie gillen, michael mchugh, john frey, carol wolfe, john oshea, lily baber, jim frey, marion markham, jasmine reid, scott ferril, lee percy, lee percy, patrick coyle, kristin chenoweth, brian baumgartner, bruce a. The priest attempts to find and save her, and in doing so. Loewalbert lewin film production company held a contest for a painting on the theme of st. Tony cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. Tony you are looking for psychological, bleak and surreal movies about with cannibalism, surrealism, moral dilemma, losingit hero, mysterious character, fighting the system and rebellion themes of drama, fantasy and mystery genre shot in estonia or finland. Tony, a middleaged, midlevel manager, leads a quiet life. The temptations of saint anthony the collection museo. His first feature autumn ball 2007 was awarded the horizon award 2007 at the venice film festival. Anthony was created in 1516 by hieronymus bosch in northern renaissance style. A jaded priest finds hope and redemption in the unlikeliest places in this indie drama from writerdirector patrick coyle. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commissionfree in our professional marketplace. Tony is a film about a man, who has reached middle age, and finds himself in exactly the kind of darkening forest that dante describes.

Tony received its north american premiere as an official selection at the 2010 sundance film festival. A midlevel manager who develops an aversion to being good finds himself confronting the mysteries of middleage and morality as he loses grasp of what was once his. Blue k, custodian of the cinemas rating of the film the temptation of st. With caroline haines, laura evans, rachel waters, alexander dandrea. Behind the many interpretations of the temptation of st. Publication date 1910 publisher new york alice harriman co. This electronic record was created from historic documentation that does not necessarily reflect the yale university art gallerys complete or current knowledge about the object. Taavi eelmaa, denis lavant, ravshana kurkova, tiina tauraite, sten ljunggren, veiko ounpuu. This panel originally had an arched top and included a more open landscape with less leafy trees. At an unknown date the work must have suffered damage that affected the pictorial surface, resulting in losses to the figure of saint anthony and the background. After a heavy night out with the girls, isabel, and attractive young professional woman catches an illegal minicab home. Lovis corinth tragicomedies the temptation of saint anthony 1894. An unusual problem intrudes upon his moderately prosperous and quiet life morality. The film was a coproduction between companies from estonia, sweden and finland.

For salvador dali, this was to be his first and his last time he ever took part in a competition. A prostitute plans to end her life on her birthday, but her priest attempts to stop her from doing so. Tony is a film directed by veiko ounpuu with taavi eelmaa, ravshana kurkova, tiina tauraite, sten ljunggren, year. He tried, and is a lot more subtle than a lot of religious media today. The winner, whose painting was used in the film the private affairs of bel ami was the pioneer figure of dada and. I struggled through more than half of it but had to give up the struggle. Tony blue k, custodian of the cinema one part aki kaurismaki, one part bela tarr, one part david lynch, a pinch of denis levant with a miniature accordion, shake vigorously,and then finally top it with a garnish of peter greenaway. Taavi eelmaa stars as the title character, the financially comfortable staff supervisor of an estonian corporation whose life spirals into a nightmare as he endures a series of.

Misery is alive and well in 21st century estonia, as illustrated by the temptation of st. A midlevel manager who develops an aversion to being good finds himself confronting the mysteries of middleage and morality as he loses grasp of what was once his quiet life. Tony is at once unlike anything i had ever seen before and at the same time seemingly influenced from some of my favorite surrealist filmmakers. Anthony my tender carrion, the damage has been done from the depths of your heart to the tip of my tongue not a word you can say can erase memories of that night that awful night it hides behind your eyes, i can feel it in my bones. Saint anthony, while living in the desert, remembers former temptations and is beset by the onslaught of philosophic doubt. Tony, which screened at the 2010 sundance film festival. With jeremy sisto, kristin chenoweth, brian baumgartner, bruce a. Trailer for stunning estonian drama the temptation of st. Questo video e detto in giordania il 22 agosto 1953 da hallmark group a proprio versione hit, presentata a segmento stile distintivo in 33.

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